Paxton recorder/server: Efficient management and integration of your surveillance cameras

The Paxton recorder/servers are powerful network devices specifically designed to enable efficient management and integration of IP surveillance cameras into your existing network infrastructure, communicating via TCP/IP and integrating easily into an existing network. The Paxton recorder/servers are ideal for applications where the full functionality of a video controller is required and are an excellent choice for users looking for a reliable, scalable and easy-to-use solution for managing their video surveillance systems.

  • Video material is stored on two hard disk drives in a RAID1 array
  • Power supply possible via power supply unit or PoE
  • Controls a single door and provides additional I/O for general use
  • Distributed intelligence architecture, no central point of failure
  • Up to 250 video controllers per system
  • Connection port for cascading up to three Paxton10 connections
SKU: 010-187-D