Demo sets

MyShield demo sets: Smoke-free demonstration for security systems

MyShield demo kits are ideal for safe product demonstrations and testing without using real smoke. These kits contain a smoke-free installation canister that realistically demonstrates the functions of the MyShield system without releasing smoke. Perfect for indoor environments, they provide a risk-free way to showcase the effectiveness and ease of use of MyShield products. Installers and customers can understand the performance of the technology without simulating real-life conditions. Indispensable for a clear and safe product presentation.

  • MyShield demo canister from Essence
  • Without smoke
  • Plexi stand and PIR cover included
  • Subsidized product for demonstrations
  • Ideal for customer presentations
SKU: ES900MS-Demo-Kit
  • Simulation canister for installation site test
  • Battery operated, MyShield series
  • Can be operated without smoke cartridge