URFog accessories: Extended connectivity and power supply

The accessories for URFog fog control panels, consisting of WiFi and LAN modules as well as rechargeable batteries, extend the functionality and flexibility of the security systems. WiFi and LAN modules allow seamless integration into existing networks, enabling reliable remote control and monitoring of the systems. These connectivity options are crucial for a quick response in the event of an alarm and facilitate the maintenance and management of the fog control panels. The rechargeable batteries provide an independent power supply, which is particularly useful in situations where the main power supply may be interrupted. These additional features are ideal for improved handling and provide an extra layer of security to maximize the efficiency of URFog fog control panels in any environment.

Rechargeable battery
AGM lead-acid technology
Voltage 12 V
Capacity 2.3 Ah
66 x 178 x 35 mm/ 960 g
For backup or direct use

SKU: BATT-1223-U
  • LAN card
  • Enables the connection of exchanges to the cloud
  • Enables remote monitoring
  • View machines in real time
  • Installation cable included
  • WiFi antenna
  • Installation together with URCLWF
  • Equips the system with wireless communication