Teltonika routers - Reliable connectivity for demanding industrial environments

Teltonika routers are specially designed for demanding industrial environments and offer reliable connectivity thanks to their robust design and advanced features. With features such as VPN, dual SIM and remote management, they enable the secure transmission of data. These routers are ideal for industrial automation and vehicle fleets and guarantee consistent communication, even in extreme situations.

  • Industrieller 4G LTE Router
  • Cat 6 mit Geschwindigkeiten bis zu 300 Mbit/s
  • Dual-SIM-Fähigkeit mit automatischem Umschalten
  • Vier Gigabit-RJ45-Ports
  • Dual-Band-Wi-Fi 5 mit Mesh- und Fast-Roaming-Funktionen
  • GNSS für präzises GPS-Tracking
SKU: RUTM11000000
  • Wetterfestes IP55-Kunststoffgehäuse
  • 4G LTE Cat 4-Konnektivität
  • Dual-SIM mit Failover-Funktion
  • PoE-fähige Ethernet-Ports
SKU: OTD140000000
  • Kompakter industrieller Ethernet-Router mit zwei Ethernet-Ports
  • Einfache Installation und Netzwerkisolierung für erhöhte Endgerätesicherheit
  • Unterstützt Industrieprotokolle wie Modbus, DLMS und OPC UA
  • Kompatibel mit Teltonika RMS für effizientes Fernmanagement
  • Integrierte DIN-Montageschiene und industrieller 3-poliger Anschluss
SKU: RUT140000000
  • Compact industrial RS232 router with enhanced network security
  • Serial RS232 interface and two Ethernet ports for flexible connectivity
  • Easy installation with integrated DIN rail and industrial 3-pin connector
  • Supports industrial protocols such as Modbus, DLMS, DNP3, and OPC UA
SKU: RUT142000000
  • Compact industrial router
  • Reliable connectivity under harsh conditions
  • Ideal for automation, transportation and manufacturing
SKU: RUT200010000
  • 4G LTE industrial cellular router
  • 3G and 2G support
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dual SIM functionality
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • RUT241 industrial mobile router
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and two Ethernet ports
  • Automatic failover for constant connection
  • Compact, industrial design
  • Ideal for IoT and M2M solutions
SKU: RUT241000000
  • High-speed LTE CAT 6 offers mobile speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s
  • WAN failover guarantees a constant Internet connection by automatically switching to a backup connection
  • Compact and easy to install design, ideal for mobile applications
  • Supports a wide range of industrial protocols such as MQTT, SNMP and Modbus
SKU: RUT260000000
  • Industrial 4G LTE router
  • Cat 6 with speeds up to 300 Mbit/s
  • Dual SIM capability with automatic switching
  • Four Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • GNSS for precise GPS tracking
SKU: RUTM09000000
  • Industrial Ethernet router RUT300
  • Five Ethernet ports
  • Two configurable digital inputs/outputs
  • USB port for various devices
  • Ideal for industrial networking and general applications
SKU: RUT300000000