Access Points

Teltonika Access Points - Powerful solutions for stable WLAN

Teltonika offers powerful access points for business and commercial environments. With PoE (Power over Ethernet) support for easy installation and operation. These access points guarantee stable Wi-Fi and reliable connections, even in challenging network situations. If you want a seamless and robust Wi-Fi experience, rely on Teltonika.

  • Wi-Fi access point from Teltonika Networks
  • Perfect for improving Wi-Fi coverage in small businesses
  • PoE-in access point
  • Power supply via RJ45 port from active PoE devices
  • Simple and straightforward installation
SKU: TAP100000000
  • Wi-Fi 5 Access Point
  • Dual-band technology
  • Fast roaming
  • RJ45 port with PoE-in functionality
  • Improves Wi-Fi coverage in medium density rooms
SKU: TAP20000000