Provision-ISR NVR: The heart of your IP surveillance system

The NVRs (network video recorders) from Provision-ISR are designed as the central element of IP-based surveillance systems. Unlike DVRs, these NVRs do not compress the video signal, but store it in the form already compressed by the camera. The range includes both conventional NVRs and PoE (Power over Ethernet) NVRs and covers a wide range of requirements with available channels from 4CH to 128CH. These NVRs are ideal for managing and storing video data from IP cameras and offer a variety of solutions suitable for commercial and industrial properties as well as process control and occupational safety. Provision-ISR's user-friendly software solutions, combined with their attention to technological developments, make their NVRs a central component in any modern surveillance system.

  • 4CH 5MP NVR
  • PoE/Network Input
  • HDMI/VGA outputFeatures
  • Mini metal housing
  • 1 HDD up to 6TB
  • 100Mbps network
SKU: NVR5-4100PX+(MM)
  • High-performance network video recorder
  • Face recognition, smart search, camera tampering
  • 16CH 8MP real-time recording"
SKU: NVR8-16400PFA(1U)
  • Hochauflösendes Sicherheitsnetzwerk-Video-Recorder (NVR)
  • Merkmale: 32CH 8MP, PoE, Gesichtserkennung
  • Robustes 2U Gehäuse
SKU: NVR8-32800F-16P(2U)
  • Netzwerk-Videorecorder mit Gesichtserkennung
  • 32 Kanäle, 8MP Auflösung
  • Erweiterte Videoanalytik
SKU: NVR8-32800FA(1U)
  • High-resolution network video recorder
  • Face recognition function
  • Dual network connection
SKU: NVR8-32800RFA(2U)
  • Hochleistungsfähiger Netzwerk-Videorekorder
  • 64 Kanäle, 8MP
  • 2U Gehäuse, 8 HDD + RAID
SKU: NVR8-641600R(2U)
  • 8-channel 8MP face recognition PoE NVR
  • Resolution up to 8 Megapixel
  • Alarm system input/output