Paxton standalone accessories: Expand your security systems

The accessories category offers a wide range of products designed to expand and optimize your security systems. From robust exit buttons with touch sensors to designer readers that blend seamlessly into the building's interior architecture, you'll find everything you need to complete your security system. Products such as adjustable screen mounts and high capacity packs for Easyprox Nano are also available to simplify the installation and use of security technology.

  • Complies with IEEE802.3at
  • Gigabit compatible
  • Full support of the Cisco AP1250
SKU: 477-400-D
  • Robust exit button
  • Uses a touch sensor
  • Marine exit button with touch-sensitive sensor
SKU: 593-721-D
  • Use with Compact systems
  • Provides 1 pair of voltage-free contacts
  • For controlling external devices
SKU: 325-010-D
  • Adjustable screen tilt
  • Quick and easy installation
SKU: 337-294-D
  • Use with any Easyprox product
  • High capacity pack for use with Easyprox Nano
SKU: 746-003-D
  • Robust exit buttons
  • E-series exit switches complement P-series readers and K-series keypads
  • Marine exit switches
  • Marine exit button with touch-sensitive sensor
  • The marine exit button uses a touch sensor
SKU: 356-310-D
  • For use with Switch2 or Net2
  • Designer reader that matches the building's interior architecture
SKU: 360-864BL-D