Paxton10 Server: Simple and secure system management

The Paxton10 Server offers a fully web-based, license-free solution for system administration without the need for software installation. Remote access is secured by SSL/TLS certificate, ensuring a high level of data security. User-friendliness is underlined by the absence of any configuration requirements. Ease of use by accessing the device's web link and cross-platform compatibility with popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari make the Paxton Server an efficient and accessible solution for security system management.

  • Paxton10 server as a hub for the entire system
  • Connection to the network and remote access possible
  • Supports up to 1000 doors across multiple properties
  • Simple remote management of objects
  • No configuration required, just access the web link
  • Cross-platform compatibility and no software installation required
SKU: 003-375-D