Paxton Net2 Software: Intuitive access control solution

Paxton Net2 software is an advanced PC-based access control solution renowned for its simplicity and intuitiveness. It is available in two versions: Net2 Lite, ideal for most applications and available free of charge, and Net2 Pro, which offers additional features for increased flexibility. Net2 enables centralized management and control of sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With features such as 'triggers and actions', free upgrades and a user-friendly interface, the software offers optimal customization of access permissions. Additional enhancements such as location graphics and IP camera integration increase the functionality of the system, which is characterized by easy specification, installation and maintenance.

  • Multiple operating stations
  • free updates
  • Integration with video surveillance
  • Object graphics
  • Triggers and actions
  • Integration with intruder alarm systems with an alarm zone
  • Entry integration
  • Integration with biometrics
  • Card designer program
  • Landlord-tenant/extended operating authorizations
SKU: 930-010-D