Demonstration products

Paxton Net2 demonstration products: Practical demonstration of access control

Paxton Net2 demonstration products are specifically designed to demonstrate and provide a hands-on experience of the Net2 access control system. These products allow installers and customers to directly experience the functionality and ease of use of the system. They include a selection of devices such as readers, control units and software that show all the features of the Net2 system in action. Ideal for training, trade shows or customer presentations, these demonstration products make it easier to understand the versatile features and benefits of the Paxton Net2 system. They are an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to demonstrate the advanced technology and efficiency of Paxton Net2 in a practical way.

  • Complete Net2 system in a case
  • For direct connection to a PC or laptop
  • Available for Net2 plus, and Net2 Entry
  • Designed to speed up installation
  • Supplied with all the components you need to demonstrate the system
SKU: 541-427-D