NVT FLEX-Link Extender Kit

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FLEX-Link Extender Kit consisting of 1x FLEX-Link and 1x FLEX-Base incl. 55VAC, 60W power supply unit

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NVT FLEX-Link Extender Kit

The adapters and extensions in the FLEX series enable a PoE range that far exceeds the standard Ethernet range. When used with the FLEX24 switch or FLEX base extension, the FLEX adapters provide 10/100 Mbps transmission speed (balanced, full duplex) and PoE (up to 50W) over 1 (local power required), 2 or 4 pair UTP/STP cables with up to 610m reach. This eliminates the cost and interference associated with IDF cabinet requirements.
Manufacturer: NVT PhybridgeNVT Phybridge
Category: Data converter