Demo sets

MyShield demo sets: test and demonstrate without risk

The MyShield demo kits provide an ideal solution for installers and end users to safely demonstrate and test the features of MyShield security technology. Each kit includes a smoke-free installation canister which allows the operation of the disorientating smoke system to be demonstrated without the release of smoke. This is particularly useful for indoor demonstrations where safety and cleanliness must be ensured. The full demo kit provides a practical and effective way of demonstrating the performance and ease of use of MyShield products without creating real-life operating conditions. These demo kits are essential for installers who want to show their customers the benefits and functionality of MyShield and for customers who want to get to know the system thoroughly before installation.

  • MyShield demo canister from Essence
  • Without smoke
  • Plexi stand and PIR cover included
  • Subsidized product for demonstrations
  • Ideal for customer presentations
SKU: ES900MS-Demo-Kit
  • Simulation canister for installation site test
  • Battery operated, MyShield series
  • Can be operated without smoke cartridge