SOLO fire protection test devices - Highest quality for your smoke and heat detector testing

Rely on the first-class testing system from SOLO to safely test your smoke and heat detectors even in high rooms. With an intelligent combination of different telescopic poles, you can easily reach detectors at heights of up to 9 meters. SOLO fire protection test devices offer the highest quality and enable you to reliably test your fire protection equipment.

The Solo A10 smoke detector test agent can be used to reliably and safely check the proper functioning of smoke detectors. The harmless aerosol is approved by all leading fire detector manufacturers.

  • Aerosol specially developed for smoke detector testing
  • Can be used in Solo 330 and 332 test hoods
  • Enables up to 300 detector tests
  • Recognized by all leading manufacturers of smoke detectors
  • Speziell für Rauchmelderprüfungen entwickeltes Aerosol
  • Einsetzbar in Prüfhauben vom Typ Solo 330 und 332
  • Ermöglicht bis zu 300 Melderprüfungen
  • Anerkannt von allen führenden Herstellern von Rauchmeldern
  • Professional smoke detector tester
  • Compact, lightweight, efficient
SKU: SOLO100-001
  • Leicht und strapazierfähig für den täglichen Einsatz
  • Ermöglicht Rauchmelderprüfungen bis zu einer Höhe von 9 Metern
  • Kompatibel mit Solo Prüfhauben und Melderpflückern
  • Ideal für Sicherheitstechnik-Profis
SKU: SOLO101_001
  • Telescopic rod for detector testing
  • Lightweight, robust, extendable
SKU: SOLO108-001
  • Practical smoke detector tester
  • Lightweight, robust, efficient
  • For professional applications
SKU: SOLO200-001
  • Practical aerosol dispenser
  • Light, handy, robust
  • Safe smoke detector tester
SKU: SOLO330-001
  • Specially developed for daily use in smoke detector tests
  • Minimized aerosol consumption thanks to special spring mechanism
  • Suitable for smoke detectors up to a diameter of 130 mm
  • Enables use with suspended ceiling constructions
  • Clear test cover for monitoring the detector LED during the test
SKU: SOLO332-001
  • Wireless heat detector test set
  • Fast, reliable, safe
SKU: SOLO461-001