Entry accessories: Optimize your security systems

The Entry Accessories category offers a wide range of products to expand and improve your security systems. From adjustable screen tilts for optimal visibility to Net2 plus control units with integrated 4-port PoE switch for easy system expansion. Each accessory is designed to simplify and improve the installation and use of your security technology. Whether it's the additional security provided by tamper contacts or the need for a battery backup (not supplied), you'll find the right components for your requirements here.

  • Adjustable screen tilt
  • Quick and easy installation
SKU: 337-294-D
  • Net2 plus control unit
  • Includes 4-port PoE switch for easy expansion
  • Tamper contact for additional security
  • 2A 12V DC power supply
  • Battery backup (not included)
  • Plastic housing
SKU: 337-773-D