As an installation company, it is important to offer your customers innovative solutions. With SmartCell from Carrier, you are at the cutting edge of fire detection technology. The wireless fire warning systems and fire detectors offer maximum safety and are easy to install. In addition, there are heat detectors, signaling devices and other specialized fire detection devices.

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  • SmartCell fire starter set
  • Including SmartCell RF wireless control panel, SmartCell dual smoke/heat detectors and combined signaling device, SmartCell manual call point
  • SmartCell radio control center 230 VAC
  • DIN VDE V 0826-2 compliant, Up to 64 users, Bidirectional radio transmission
  • Automatic frequency changeover, Optical radio range indicator
SKU: SC-11-1201-0001-04

SmartCell dual wireless smoke and heat detector in white, in accordance with EN54-5/-7

  • simple and uncomplicated installation
  • is compact and unique design
  • flexible detection: includes smoke and/or heat.
  • additional safety due to built-in locking mechanism
SKU: SC-21-0200-0001-99
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Compact, unique design
  • Flexible smoke and/or heat detection
  • Built-in locking mechanism
  • 32 selectable tones including DIN tone 33404
  • Integrated siren with 89dB
  • Detection area up to 80 m²
SKU: SC-22-0200-0001-99
  • SmartCell wireless smoke and heat detector with siren and flash
  • Quick installation, Compact design, Flexible detection, Locking mechanism, 32 selectable sound types, Integrated siren, Detection area up to 80 m²
SKU: SC-23-0220-0001-99
  • SmartCell wireless manual call point in red
  • Quick installation, Compact design, Reliable alerting

SKU: SC-51-0100-0001-99
  • Hochleistungsfähiges Brandschutzsystem
  • Robust, zuverlässig und effizient
  • Ideal für gewerbliche Anwendungen
SKU: SC-51-0300-0001-04
  • SmartCell wireless manual call point in white
  • Quick installation, Compact design, Reliable alerting
SKU: SC-52-0200-0001-99
  • SmartCell communication card for GSM and Ethernet
  • Remote configuration, Multiple notifications, Secure connection
SKU: SC-61-0001-0001-99
  • SmartCell annual contract for Remote Service Cloud
  • Alarm forwarding, remote services, license upgrade
SKU: SC-94-0001-99