Ajax accessory batteries: Uninterrupted power for your safety

Ensure uninterrupted security with the rechargeable batteries specially developed for Ajax products. These power sources are crucial for maintaining the functionality of your security system in the event of a power failure. Ajax accessory batteries provide long-lasting power and are easy to install, making them an essential part of your maintenance accessories. Rely on the high quality and durability of these batteries to keep your Ajax security system active and operational at all times.

Rechargeable battery
AGM lead-acid technology
Voltage 12 V
Capacity 2.3 Ah
66 x 178 x 35 mm/ 960 g
For backup or direct use

SKU: BATT-1223-U
  • Compatible with Ajax Hub, Ajax Hub Plus, Ajax Hub2 2G and Ajax Rex
  • Only for devices manufactured before June 2021
  • Restores the full battery power of your Ajax security systems
SKU: 22259.87.NC
  • Compatible with Ajax Hub2 4G and Ajax Hub2 Plus
  • Supports newer models of Ajax security systems
  • Restores the full performance of your devices
SKU: 27858.87.NC
  • AGM lead-acid battery
  • Nominal voltage 12 V
  • Nominal capacity 7.2 Ah
SKU: BATT-1218