Teltonika RUT950 LTE Router (EOL)

  • 4G LTE industrial mobile router
  • Dual SIM functionality
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Robust design for industrial applications
  • Versatile interfaces for various applications

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Teltonika RUT950 LTE Router (EOL)

Detailed description:

The Teltonika RUT950 LTE router is a high-performance industrial cellular router designed specifically for demanding industrial applications. With its 4G LTE technology, it offers fast and reliable internet connections.

Advantages of the product:

  • Fast and stable 4G LTE connections
  • Dual SIM functionality for increased reliability and backup options
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables the connection of multiple devices
  • Robust design for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Versatile interfaces offer flexibility for different applications

Technical features:

  1. 4G LTE technology for fast internet speeds
  2. Dual SIM support
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity
  4. Versatile interfaces for connectivity
  5. Robust and durable construction
  6. User-friendly interface for easy configuration
  7. Support for VPN and other network services
  8. External antenna connectors for improved reception
  9. Supports multiple VPN protocols
  10. High security standards including firewall and encryption

EOL This product is no longer available for purchase