Teltonika RUT901 LTE router

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  • 4G LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G connectivity
  • Dual SIM with automatic failover
  • Wi-Fi access point with hotspot functionality
  • Supports numerous protocols such as MQTT, Modbus TCP, DNP3
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Detailed description:

Teltonika's RUT901 is an industrial cellular router that brings the best-in-class features of its predecessors RUT950 and RUT951 to the market. The device ensures high performance and provides automatic WAN failover to an available backup connection, ensuring network continuity and eliminating downtime.

Advantages of the product:

  • High performance: ensures a reliable and stable network connection.
  • Automatic WAN failover: Ensures network continuity and avoids downtime.
  • Dual SIM: Provides automatic failover function, backup WAN and other switching scenarios.
  • Versatile connectivity: Supports 4G LTE (Cat 4), 3G and 2G.
  • Wi-Fi access point: Provides hotspot functionality for versatile wireless connectivity.
  • Numerous protocols: Supports MQTT, Modbus TCP, DNP3 and many others.

Technical features:

  1. Connectivity: 4G LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G.
  2. Dual SIM: With automatic failover function and backup WAN.
  3. Wi-Fi: Access point with hotspot functionality.
  4. Protocols: Supports MQTT, Modbus TCP, DNP3 and more.
  5. Optimized for high performance and network continuity.
  6. Automatic WAN failover for backup connections.
  7. First-class functions based on the predecessors RUT950 and RUT951.
  8. Industrial design for robust applications.
  9. Versatile application areas in various network environments.
  10. Future-proof and adaptable to growing network requirements.

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