Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO cards without magnetic stripe, 500 pcs

  • PROXIMITY cards, key fobs, ISO cards, Watchprox and stickers
  • Magnetic cards
  • Key fobs have a lifetime guarantee

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Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO cards without magnetic stripe, 500 pcs

PROXIMITY transponders and CARDLOCK magnetic cards are used with Net2.

When transponders and cards are issued to users, the user file is processed. The transponder or card number is read in via the optional desktop reader or entered manually.

Once programmed in the software, the transponder is ready for use. Simply apply the transponder to the reader, the access authorization is determined and access is granted or denied. Paxton transponders use Hitag2 technology with proprietary encryption, which includes an authentication protocol in the form of a password exchange between the token and the reader. This provides an additional layer of security for your system.

Technical data

  • ISO card in white
  • Hitag 2 with password protection (125 kHz)
  • Set with 500 Net2 ISO cards
  • Card can be printed on both sides in conjunction with the 'Print cards' function of the Net2 software
  • Dimensions of the transponder (W x H x D): 86 x 55 x 0.8 mm
Manufacturer: PaxtonPaxton
Category: Paxton
SKU: 692-052-D
GTIN: 5055169512807