Paxton Net2 Plus door control unit with PoE+ -EV in St housing

  • Door control unit for one door at a time
  • Connects to a TCP/IP network with an RJ45 connector
  • Net2 Plus can replace a TCP/IP interface
  • Net2 Plus can also be connected via RS485
  • Diagnostic LEDs

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Paxton Net2 Plus door control unit with PoE+ -EV in St housing

Net2 Plus is a network-based access control system. Such a system offers the possibility of central management, event notification and flexible control of user access authorizations. Each door control unit is part of the network, but can also work independently. It makes its own decisions and stores events.

The Net2 Plus door control unit is connected to the management computer with an RJ45 plug via a normal TCP/IP network. This greatly increases the flexibility of installation in buildings with LAN/WAN networks. The Net2 Plus door control unit also has an RS485 connection. This allows it to be connected to other Net2 Plus or Net2 Classic door control units via a CAT5 cable.

A Net2 Plus door control unit can also act as an interface to a LAN for an RS485 connection (daisy chain) of other Net2 Plus or Net2 Classic door control units, so that they no longer require a TCP/IP interface.

There is a label on the Net2 Plus door control unit that clearly shows the color-coded connections for readers, power supply, etc. The door control unit has a relay with potential-free contacts and can therefore control electric strikes or other opening drives. Door and tamper contacts, exit buttons and local alarm devices can also be connected.

Door control units communicate with the PC via the standard TCP/IP protocol of a LAN network. The Net2 Plus door control unit should be assigned a fixed IP address. All settings are made in the Net2 Configuration Utility.

The corresponding connections are equipped with diagnostic LEDs, which are helpful for trouble-free installation. Terminal resistors can be switched on or off as required. External terminal resistors are not required.

Technical data

  • Module, pre-assembled in steel housing with PoE+ module
  • Can be connected to a PoE switch (PoE and PoE+) or switch with PoE injector 477-400-D
  • Communication via TCP/IP and/or RS485
  • Readers / keypads can be connected on the input and output side
  • Terminal block for integration with an intruder alarm system
  • Relay contact for door opener or similar, switching capacity: 4 A at 24 V DC
  • Relay contact for control unit, switching capacity: 4 A at 24 V DC
  • Door contact, tamper contact, exit button and EV monitoring can be connected
  • Local alarm transmitter can be connected (up to max. 1 A current consumption - note AT type)
  • Can be operated online and offline
  • Storage of the last 2,728 events in real time in offline mode
  • Self-detection and diagnostic LEDs for time-saving commissioning
  • Flash EEPROM for central firmware updates
  • 12 V output voltage: max. 13.35 V DC
  • Output current (PoE+ AT type 2): Max. 1.5 A
  • Output current (AF - AT type 1): Max. 0.83 A
  • Output power (PoE+ AT type 2): Max. 20.4 W
  • Output power (AF - AT type 1): Max. 10.36 W
  • Input voltage: 36 - 57 V DC
  • Input current: Max. 0.83 A
  • Current consumption door control unit: max. 200 mA
  • Operating voltage (door control unit): 12 V DC
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 236 x 320 x 80 mm