Paxton Net2 I/O module, module only

  • Flexible inputs and outputs
  • Integration with elevators, heating, lighting and more
  • Connects directly to a LAN/WAN
  • 4 relay outputs - 240 V AC, 16 A switching capacity
  • 4 inputs
  • For use with the Net2 function "Trigger actions"

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Paxton Net2 I/O module, module only

The Net2 I/O module has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. It is connected directly to the Ethernet (LAN/WAN) via an RJ45 connection on the circuit board. I/O modules can therefore be distributed throughout a building according to requirements. Inputs and outputs can be controlled via the "Trigger actions" function of the Net2 software.

The module's connection terminals are clearly labeled with the attached label. The I/O module is equipped with the same tried-and-tested terminal strips as the Net2 door control units.

The parameterization of the inputs and outputs of the I/O module are configured via the "Trigger actions" function of the Net2 software.

Technical data

  • I/O module with inputs and outputs for flexible control units
  • Module with self-adhesive circuit board holders for installation in existing on-site housings
  • With integrated TCP/IP interface for connection via Ethernet (LAN / WAN)
  • Static or dynamic IP address can be selected via DHCP (static address is recommended)
  • Configuration via Net2 software
  • Compatible with 10/100baseT Ethernet hubs
  • Controls programmable via Net2 'Trigger actions' software
  • 4 inputs
  • 4 outputs (potential-free relay changeover contacts)
  • Contact load of the relay outputs: max. 13 A, 240 V AC
  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • Current consumption: 200 - 400 mA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 x 114 x 30 mm
Manufacturer: PaxtonPaxton
Category: Paxton
SKU: 489-710-D
GTIN: 5055169500194