Paxton Longrange reader

  • For Switch2 and Net2 systems
  • Built-in hands-free interface
  • Maximum reading range of 5 m with hands-free transponders
  • Bright LED display is visible even in sunlight
  • Robust housing
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Paxton Longrange reader

The long-range reader was specially designed for access points in parking lots. Its long reading range (up to 5 m) means that the hands-free transponder can also be read inside a vehicle. Thanks to the built-in hands-free interface, no additional antennas or induction loops need to be laid. The reader also works with vehicles of different sizes. Only one reader needs to be installed at each access point. This reader also works with PROXIMITY transponders so that users without hands-free transponders can also use it.

Fix the mounting plate to the post. The cables for the power and data lines are fed through the mounting plate into the back of the reader using a gland. The reader is wired according to the label on the door control unit. The reader is also connected to a power supply. Position several readers so that their active fields do not overlap.

A hands-free transponder is read if it is within the reading range of the reader. When a transponder has been read, the door control unit determines the access authorizations. Access is granted or denied accordingly. If access is granted, the green LED flashes. If it is denied, the red LED flashes.

Technical data

  • Contactless reader for Switch2 and Net2 door control units
  • Reading ranges of 5 m and up to 50 m possible with hands-free keycard (when key is pressed)
  • With integrated hands-free interface
  • With 5 m connection cable, extendable up to 100 m
  • Protection class according to IP66
  • Power consumption: 1.1 A
  • Ambient operating temperature: -35 to +66° C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 220 x 135 mm
Manufacturer: PaxtonPaxton
Category: Paxton
SKU: 313-110-D
GTIN: 5055169505236