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The Ajax WaterStop is a remote control water valve that is part of the Ajax-based automatic water leak detection system. By installing this valve, you can protect homes or buildings from water damage, as the valve closes automatically as soon as a water leak is detected.

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Ajax WaterStop white EU

Part of the system for detecting water leaks

WaterStop is the solution for a remote-controlled water supply. The device combines a shut-off valve in one of three sizes and an electric actuator. WaterStop can be controlled from any location where an internet connection is available. The Ajax apps make it possible to check the status and change the position of the valve at any time.

WaterStop offers the perfect solution to automate the water supply in your home. In the event of an alarm triggered by LeaksProtect or a third-party flood detector, WaterStop automatically shuts off the water supply in 5 seconds. All system users receive notifications about the alarm and the activation of the scenario. In addition to the flood detector alarm scenario, the installer can configure the water shut-off by schedule or by changing the safety mode.

Powerful electric drive and manual control

Thanks to the maximum torque of 10 N m, stuck shut-off valves can be closed without damaging them. Under normal conditions, the water supply is switched off 5 seconds after the command.

The water supply can be controlled not only via apps and scenarios, but also manually. There is a button on the WaterStop housing and a lever on the mounting plate of the shut-off valve. This is practical, for example, when the electric actuator is replaced or a plumber is working.

The status indicator of the valve is visible in the Ajax apps and you can see the status of the valve by the color of the Ajax logo on the WaterStop housing or by the position of the lever.

Standard type of the shut-off valve

The appliance is equipped with a Bonomi shut-off valve suitable for hot and cold water. WaterStop is available in three versions with a 1⁄2, 3⁄4 or 1 valve.

WaterStop is compatible with shut-off valves manufactured according to the ISO 5211 standard. Therefore, a plumber can install a standardized shut-off valve and an installer can then add the device to the system.

When moving house, the installer can easily dismantle the WaterStop and install another compatible valve in a new location. The electric actuator can be removed from the shut-off valve in a few seconds without tools.

Automation scenarios

The scenarios allow routine operations to be minimized and the water to be shut off automatically. They can be used to control the water supply in the following cases:

  • By alarm: In the event of an alarm from the LeaksProtect flood detector
  • According to schedule: Shutting off the water supply at a specific time
  • After changing the security mode: When arming and disarming
  • After activating LightSwitch: For example, when the last employee leaves the office
  • After pressing Button: Manual shut-off of the water in emergencies
  • By temperature: Turning off the water in the heating pipes in winter.