Ajax ReX 2 black EU

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Ajax ReX 2 is a wireless repeater for extending the signal range of a security system with support for alarms with photo verification. ReX 2 extends the radio communication range between Ajax devices and the hub by up to two times. The module is intended for indoor installation.

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Ajax ReX 2 black EU

AJAX ReX 2: Extension of the security system

Repeaters extend the boundaries of the protected area and give you even more freedom when choosing where to install the security system. By connecting all or some of the devices1 to ReX 2, you can secure and automate a business center, a large estate, a warehouse or a large production facility.

Up to 5 wireless repeaters can be used within the Ajax system to extend the wireless signal range up to 35 km2 2. Events and alarms are still transmitted immediately and the first photo for verification is sent to the control center and users in just 10 seconds3.

Photo verification of alarms

ReX 2 works with MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors. When triggered, the devices take a series of animated images, which helps to assess the situation at the protected object. This avoids unnecessary deployments of security teams and spares customers' nerves.

Guaranteed delivery of alarms and their photo verification

To ensure reliable communication and support for our two special radio protocols Jeweller and Wings, we have equipped ReX 2 with four antennas. Jeweller handles the transmission of commands, events and alarms, while Wings ensures the transmission of visual data packets. Ajax two-way radio communication uses frames to synchronize device communication, authentication to protect against spoofing and encryption to protect against data theft.

Radio communication through steel and concrete

With the OS Malevich 2.13 operating system update, the ReX 2 wireless repeater can be connected to the hub not only via radio, but also via Ethernet, using the cable as the only or additional communication channel. A single Ajax system can cover objects such as an office complex with underground parking, a multi-section metal hall or a warehouse complex with several large buildings.

Armed against attackers

The ReX 2 is protected against attacks at software and hardware level. The OS Malevich operating system is immune to viruses. All data transmitted by the repeater is encrypted. Thanks to the built-in backup battery, even a sudden power failure on site poses no threat.