Ajax MotionCam Outdoor white EU

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Ajax MotionCam Outdoor is a wireless outdoor motion detector with camera for alarm verification. It detects movements at a distance of 3 to 15 meters. It has cover monitoring and ignores animals when configured and installed correctly.

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Ajax MotionCam Outdoor white EU

AJAX MotionCam: Lightning-fast alarms, confirmed.

MotionCam Outdoor detects intruders as soon as they enter the premises and confirms the intrusion with an animated photo series. Visual verification helps to assess the situation immediately, while saving users worry and security services unnecessary call-outs.

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Combining industry-leading optics, fast processor and advanced software algorithms, MotionCam Outdoor captures meaningful images around the clock and in any weather.

Intelligent false alarm filter

MotionCam Outdoor is equipped with two independent PIR sensors whose signals are analyzed by a two-stage LISA algorithm. As soon as both sensors detect movement, the LISA algorithm carries out a correlation and spectral analysis of the signals, which can be used to immediately distinguish genuine threats from disturbances.

Correlation analysis

Whenever MotionСamOutdoor detects motion, the LISA algorithm analyzes and compares the waveforms from two sensors in real time. If the shapes are similar, the alarm is activated.

Multi-level sabotage protection

MotionCam Outdoor cannot be deactivated unnoticed, even if the system is disarmed. The detector is equipped with cover protection sensors that respond to obstructing, covering and painting the lens.

The hub takes less than a minute1 to detect the loss of communication with the detector and inform a monitoring center and users of the problem. The fact that MotionCam Outdoor has been dismantled is noticed immediately.

Effective security in any weather

MotionCam Outdoor can withstand heat up to +60°С and cold down to -25°С. And to protect the sensors of the cover protection system from rain and snow, we have developed Hood.

Uncompromising communication security

MotionCam Outdoor uses two secure wireless protocols simultaneously: Jeweller and Wings. Wireless protocols work independently of each other and each focuses on its own function. Jeweller transmits alarms in 0.15 seconds and, thanks to Wings, the first recording made on site can be viewed in the app in less than 9 seconds2.

The range of the radio signal is sufficient to install the detector where it is most effective. At the same time, a battery life of up to 3 years minimizes maintenance costs.