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LifeQuality is the smart way to monitor air quality. Its CO2, humidity and temperature sensors allow you to monitor the quality of the air at home, at work or in any other room.

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Ajax LifeQuality black EU

Device for maximum productivity

The air we breathe is crucial for our health, performance and sleep. LifeQuality regularly measures the CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the room and gives you comprehensive insights using the Ajax apps. This allows you to see whether the microclimate in the room is optimal and what needs to be improved if necessary.

Part of a comprehensive system

With the Ajax apps, you can set the limit values for temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration and thus execute the automation scenarios. Thanks to LifeQuality in combination with Ajax automation devices, supply systems, humidifiers and air conditioners, you benefit from high-quality air in the room.

The detector is suitable for any room. You can therefore offer it as a solution for offices, business premises and for domestic use.

Precise measurement results

The Swiss detector SHT40 from Sensirion ensures the precision you need, while the Swedish detector Sunrise from Senseair measures CO2 concentrations. These reliable detectors are also used in medical devices, so you can rely on their accuracy.

The combined humidity and temperature detector is installed in an insulated part of the panel so that the readings are not affected by the heating of other elements of the device. Instead of VOC sensors, which mathematically calculate the carbon concentration, an NDIR detector is used to measure CO2. LifeQuality does not provide false readings that can occur due to vapors, aerosols or perfumes.

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