Ajax Fibra LineSplit

  • Module for splitting a Fibra cable
  • Flexible use, remote control, energy-efficient
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The LineSplit Fibra module revolutionizes the installation process of security systems. It allows a Fibra line to be split into four separate lines, each line being extended by 2000 meters. This offers a new level of flexibility, especially when replacing an outdated security system with a modern Ajax system. With LineSplit Fibra, there is no need to replace cables. The module can be installed anywhere on the Fibra line, even after another LineSplit. It is easy to control the module from the app, receive event notifications and configure or test LineSplit remotely. In addition, the module is energy efficient and only consumes up to 0.22 W. It also provides a tamper alarm for added security.

Technical features

  • Splitting of one Fibra line into four lines
  • Remote control and configuration
  • Low power consumption (up to 0.22 W)
  • Can be installed at any point on the Fibra line
  • Extension of the Fibra cable by up to 2000 m
  • Tamper alarm for installation in case
  • Additional Fibra cable length (+2000 m for each LineSplit output)
  • Compatible with hub control centers
  • LED status display
  • Connection terminal for tamper contact
  • Pre-installed jumper