Ajax CenterButton 1-fold or changeover switch EU

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Ajax LightSwitch is an intelligent device that can be activated both by touch and touchless. For the latter, you only need to hold your hand less than 15 mm in front of the device. A soft backlight helps with activation in the dark. LightSwitch makes it easy to switch on lights and floor lamps and control curtains or shutters.

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Ajax CenterButton 1-fold or changeover switch EU

User-friendly control and automation

The smart light switch of the AJAX alarm system is an innovative product that allows you to control your home in a smart way.
The switch is easy to install and operate. With the LightSwitch, you can also control the light remotely via the Ajax apps: whether you are in bed or abroad.
To automate routine tasks, we have implemented scenarios. The light can be set to turn on after an alarm, a schedule, immediately after disarming the system or after the timeout timer (pulse mode).
Installers can also configure the actions of automation devices that are triggered after the LightSwitch is activated. For example, when the light in the room is switched off, the relay will activate the closing of the shutters.

An alternative to any switch

The LightSwitch can replace any mechanical or touch switch; the product line includes 1-gang, 2-gang and toggle switches. The installation of the LightSwitch does not require any changes to the wiring of the property; a live cable is sufficient. The switch operates in two modes: Pulse or bistable. It can control lighting fixtures from 5 to 600 W; for energy-saving lamps, a capacitor is included in the scope of delivery, which is connected in parallel to the lighting fixture.

Great user experience

The LightSwitch has a large, touch-sensitive field that can also be activated just by bringing your hand close to the button (detection range 15mm). This allows installers to offer the switch as a solution for public areas, as you can control the lighting with dirty, wet hands or even with gloves. The switch has a backlight that makes it visible in the dark. If necessary, the backlight can be deactivated in the Ajax app.

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